Figure8 is sensitive to your needs. While we probably won’t be buying you flowers or candy, we will provide a unique experience for your site’s users based on how they access the Web. Desktop users are different from laptop users, who are different from mobile handheld users. Each of them has a different interface, but also different needs when they visit your website.

Desktop Web Users

Some design companies concern themselves only with this kind of user, since that is likely how they spend their own days in the office. Big monitors, lots of memory and probably lots of time to get what they’re looking for—but this is only one type of visitor to your site, and probably the easiest on which to focus design. Figure8 designs to capture this kind of user.

Laptop Web Users

But we don’t stop there. Mobile users on laptops access your pages with the same interface and OS as a desktop user, but Figure8 recognizes that their experience and goals may be entirely different. While it’s true that many people use a laptop as their primary computer, it’s also the case that most laptop users have smaller screens, less powerful hardware and often a tighter time frame in which to access what your site has to offer. We take your design mobile to capture this kind of user as well.

Mobile Web Users

This is where Figure8’s design and programming savvy really get to work, because these users need focused information fast. Tablets, smartphones, handheld computers—these are exploding in popularity, and their smaller screens, different GUIs and less-powerful processors present the greatest stumbling blocks to many Internet designers. They will often make it “good enough,” meaning “everything eventually shows up on the screen.” But at Figure8 we finesse the design so mobile Web users have an entirely custom experience—for their screen and computing power, yes, but more universally to satisfy the needs of a user on the go.

Don’t trust your site’s design to anyone who doesn’t know how to deliver to all your customers and keep them coming back no matter what their platform. Trust your mobile Web design to Figure8 and you’ll enjoy a gift even sweeter than a box of chocolates.