The concept of Landing Page Optimization (LPO) may be new to you. But don’t worry. This phrase refers to what happens when a potential customer clicks your link on Google or elsewhere. Figure8 in Scottsdale, AZ makes sure the page they land on is the most powerful marketing content of your entire website.

Colossal LPO Power

Your Landing Page is the first thing a potential customer sees after clicking your SEO-sharpened targeted link. In other words, it’s the opportunity you have when you’ve got a visitor’s attention. Now you have the chance to convert that visitor into a customer!

Continual Perfection

Once you’ve got an optimized Landing Page, however, Figure8 doesn’t stop working. Have you ever wondered why the team that wins the Superbowl changes its lineup before the first game of the following season? Or why Oscar-winning film director James Cameron, after capturing a difficult shot, is known for saying, “Perfect—let’s try it again”?

It’s because what creates results right now isn’t always what will create results later. It’s true in football and filmmaking. And it’s definitely true in the design of your Internet Landing Page. We refine an LPO again and again to give your prospective audience a fresh and ever-more enticing experience when they land on your first page.

In other words, at Figure8 we know that what just worked so beautifully may lose effectiveness if it doesn’t evolve as your visitor base evolves. Like championship football teams and acclaimed movie directors, we constantly rework all the moving parts of your customers’ Landing Page experience. This creates conversion again and again.

Continuous Conversion

We don’t ever set it and forget it. We massage the content, crunch the numbers, and tweak your LPO as much as it needs to be perfect. And every time what’s perfect changes, Figure8 makes your Landing Page change right along with it.