A famous poet once said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” That may be true. But what Figure8 finds most beautiful is an A/B/n testing strategy that results in more and better results for your business. What we do is about you and your business. We like designing and coding, it’s true. But our process isn’t about how we do things as much as how we can get you the results you need.

Visitors turn into customers

Your website’s beauty and smooth functionality are very important to us. For Figure8, however, that beauty is all in the service of converting people just visiting your pages into people spending money there. And how you can tell if that’s happening is our laser-focused A/B/n Split Testing. This technique gives you the complete picture about your online traffic in beautiful and useful detail.

Split Testing boosts conversion

Split Testing involves creating slightly different versions of your Web presence. This could be tiny changes in the elements of your visual design. Or it could be small functional changes in procedure or navigation. It also could be differences in copy. Whatever the changes between versions, our A/B/n testing will measure which version gives the best return. We innovate, test, measure, and adjust again and again. We do this until we reach your company’s highest possible conversion rate.

Figure8’s A/B/n testing strategy goes to the well as often as needed to get every last drop of usability data. Each time we approach that well, a slight change in the user experience adds to the bucketful of information. We keep this going for as long as there is data to be made useful.

Our expertise gives you the edge

How does our A/B/n testing compare with other Web service companies? Our coders, designers, and other specialists use in-house techniques that no one else in the business knows we have. These dedicated strategies give Figure8 the edge in making your business Web presence exactly what you and your customers need. We think you’ll find that to be truly beautiful.