Imagine that your business website is a city like Scottsdale, AZ. Many people stop there as they’re passing through to somewhere else. Some of these visitors have a look around and then get on their way. But other visitors spend money in the city on all manner of items for sale. This latter group has been transformed from mere visitors into actual customers.

That’s conversion.

Searches into visits

Visitors to your website are always welcome, but Figure8 uses every content and design tool at its disposal to help convert them into customers. Our strategies get them to your site through banner ads, Web links, and high placement in search results on Google and elsewhere.

Visits into purchases

Once those Web surfers have been delivered to your business website, the power of intuitive design and heuristic functionality from Figure8 creates conversion opportunities. What those fancy words mean is that prospective customers won’t have to figure out how to buy what your site is selling. We design their experience so that they feel they already know what to do when they want to spend with your business.

Data into strategy

And after the sale comes the in-depth Figure8 conversion data analysis to tell you exactly what went right and what can be improved for the next customer. We do all the heavy lifting in crunching your numbers. You can just sit back and watch more and more visitors stop and buy.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) methods run in real time to filter out all the noise that random human behavior can cause. This gives you useful, solid data that supports targeted messaging. This can then be used immediately to increase the scale and effectiveness of your online strategies.

It sounds complicated, and actually it is. But the results from putting Figure8 to work are simple: more online visitors becoming real-life customers.