Will our website work on my phone?

Yes. The “mobile-first” approach to designing websites ensures that your site will function on user’s devices now, and we’ll make sure this will be true in the future.

How much does website design cost?

It depends on your functionality needs. After our initial “discovery meeting” you’ll receive a Statement of Work which estimates and itemizes the total costs of your website project.

What does Figure8 do?

Figure8 provides services in search engine optimization (SEO), landing page optimization, mobile Web design, and A/B/n testing.

How long will it take for our project to be ready for launch?

It could be as little as a few weeks to as long as several months, depending on your needs.

Who will provide the content such as words, images, and videos for our website?

Ideally, clients provide the content they’d like on their pages. After all, you’re the experts in your field! However, should you not have the time or interest to generate content, we would be glad to do it for you.

Do you do social media, too?

We’ll get you set up with the social media access you want and even help with creating content.

When it comes to implementing that strategy, however, we would recommend retaining a public relations firm to deliver your message where you want it heard.

I have a website. Can you make it better?

YES! One of our specialties is working with established brands to help expand their Internet

presence to the next level.

How do we pay for the website?

We send a monthly invoice for work completed. This is covered in our Statement of Work that clients sign off on prior to our commencing design.

What do you do with the information submitted using your websites’ forms?

It is for internal purposes only. It will never be shared any entity outside of Figure8.

How do I get started?

We’re stoked you asked! Please call us at (480)- 294-2404 and ask for Ryan. If you’re just testing the waters and want a little more information, please complete the form on our Contact Us page.

The journey of a million page hits begins with this first step!